Meet Us

Fred and Clara Eckert showed their love for children by giving them these homes, a place where growth and healing can occur in a safe and caring environment. For over 40 years, Eckert Youth Homes has provided services to youth and families. It is this legacy of love that continues to be carried on through the talented Eckert team who work daily to help shape lives and build futures.

Facility Administrator:

John L. Harper

Clinical Director:

Dr. Leah Hoffman

Foundation Representative:

Janah Young

HR Coordinator:

Shelli Patch


Outpatient Staff


Frank Reck, Jr.

Case Manager:

Carly Collings

Office Manager & Medical Biller:

Victoria Bone

Residential Staff

Program Director:

Carrie Burris


Tudie Crosby


Priscilla Otto

Family Support Specialist:

Chelsea Christie

Ginger Swallom

Social Services Professional:

Brittany Mitchell

Case Managers:

Cynthia Braggs

Lextyn Portra

Victoria Zinermon

Medical Biller/Clinical Administrative Assistant:

Magda Castillo

Administrative Assistant:

Sabrina Pippenger

Direct Care Administrator:

Bree Strickland

Direct Care Staff Lead:

Malcom DaCosta

Matthew Boteler

Terra Ellingson

Direct Care Staff:

Faith Nimley

Hunter Heinle

Kaia Poole

Kathleen Vandal

Kandace Poole

Loren Perrin

Marcia Thomas

Mariah Devaul

Mercy Williams

Pamela Willaims

Sharon Onyeweaku

Sherrie Harrah

Tanialle Goulet

Tara Deering

Whitney Hampton

Yalonda Gafford